Basen na działkęPlot swimming pool

Recreation needs may vary. Some prefer cycling, others team sports, and still others blissful relaxation in a backyard swimming pool. If you are passionate about water bathing, especially on summer days, the swimming pool will be your desired asylum.

Wooden construction, Scandinavian design and innovative technologies are a perfect combination that not only attracts attention, but also gives you a lot of fun. In turn, each bath will bring relief, and intimate meetings in the pool will be a fantastic escape from boredom and routine. The swimming pool will work both on a recreational plot and in a home garden or on a terrace.

Comfortable rest

Nothing is as soothing as a relaxing bath in the swimming pool. Being close to nature and having a bath is relaxing. Therefore, after a hard day, it is worth going to an oasis of relaxation in a pleasant environment, enjoying a soothing bath. A vacation or vacation is a great opportunity to spend time with your family, and swimming pool will be the perfect choice. Time spent together in the pool is great fun that will give children a lot of fun. Bathing in the pool is a way to relax comfortably, because it has a beneficial effect on the health of the spine, muscles and the circulatory system. Water has been associated with strength and vitality for centuries, so it is worth taking advantage of its valuable properties.

Plot swimming pool – created by passion

Wooden Pools is a company where tradition and quality are priorities. Pools are handmade from natural spruce wood, which comes from Polish forests. The massive structure was designed in a raw, Scandinavian style, where kiln-dried boards were used. The pool liner uses an innovative technology of polypropylene fiber, which is extremely resistant to UV rays, weather conditions and chlorine. The equipment is a wide range of amenities, from a ladder and stairs, through a sand filtering system and a skimmer, to a heat pump and effective LED lighting. All this so that the swimming pool provides you with the highest comfort.