Basen na tarasTerrace swimming pool

If the backyard space needs something special, the swimming pool on the terrace will be what you need. A wooden construction in the Scandinavian style, based on natural materials and hiding innovative technologies, will allow you to arrange the terrace in an interesting way.

The calmly waving surface of water right outside the window gives you the opportunity to take a bath whenever you want. Meetings in the pool or relaxation is the key to well-being and health. A blissful rest, or maybe a way to cool down your body on hot days in the comfort of your home?

Your way to unwind

A healthy balance between professional duties and time for yourself and your family is the basis for maintaining inner balance and good health. Terrace swimming pool can help you take care of harmony. Such a bath is an original form of relaxation, which has a positive effect on the circulatory system and allows you to relax your muscles. What’s more, usually the pool becomes a favorite place for children too – there is no end to splashes and joy.

Swimming pool on terrace designed for you

Years of experience have made the pools captivate with their Scandinavian design and unique workmanship. Kiln-dried boards made of spruce wood from Polish forests are a solid and durable material that resists moisture and difficult weather conditions, giving you joy every day. The interior of the pool is made of aesthetic polypropylene fiber resistant to the sun. A uniform body means greater ergonomics and stability. The Pool on the terrace from Wooden Pools is equipped with stairs and a ladder, and also includes modern technologies in the form of LED lighting, a skimmer, a sand filter system and a heat pump for water heating. A relaxing bath can be your way to a unique rest.